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Since 1942, LAR Machinerie has been a leader in its field. Located in Métabetchouan in the region of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, LAR Machinerie has relied on its pivotal location of Quebec’s greatest hydroelectrical projects as well as its closeness to the first transformation factories in order to develop in the last decades.

With the development of Quebec’s great hydroelectrical projects, LAR Machinerie has had to stay dynamic and adapt to the market’s demands so that the quality of its products meets their high standards. Still in operation, those achievements of LAR Machinerie are a proof of the LAR team’s knowhow.

At this period, in order to highlight its presence in the north-western part of Quebec, LAR Matagami Inc. was established in 1988 in the town of Matagami, which is 250km north of Val-d’Or. This factory then allowed LAR to improve its fabrication and shipping methods to the great hydroelectrical projects.

At the same time, the division Les Consultants Procad Inc. was established in 1989 in order to assist Metabetchouan’s factory in the field of product design.

Still today, LAR knows how to be ahead in its market while relying on its experience of more than 70 years! With the development of its expertise in on site installation and refection, which are more and more complex, LAR knows how to exploit its advantageous edge to have the design, fabrication and installation done by one multidisciplinary team.

The acquisition of ICrane Systems, in 2008, has added an advantageous field of expertise to the Groupe LAR team. The Groupe LAR is proud to offer to its clients an integrated approach that already takes into consideration all the steps that are required to bring a high quality product to life.

Today, LAR and its divisions make an industrial group that is highly dynamic. With more than half a century of experience, LAR has acquired a unique knowhow over the years. Master of work on the rehabilitation or construction sites of hydroelectric generation station, LAR has grown in the heart of action.


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