The wonders made possible by the Groupe LAR

What we do

  1. Bridge crane, gantry crane, stoplog transfer crane, lifting equipment testing, specialized lifting equipment
  2. Crucible, anode rod, tub
  3. Oven, tank, chimney
  4. Bridges, train wagons
    • Canstor - Gentilly 2
    • Debarker
    • Batch feeder
    • Pont Laroque

Our field of expertise

LAR materialises the most grandiose dreams. From virtual plans, it assembles steel monuments to accomplish some of the greatest engineering feats.

From immense spillway gates, powerful overhead cranes, precise penstocks  to  effectives hoist, LAR designs, assembles and installs equipment out of the giant world. Its teams of experts dig in the newest technologies to ensure the best quality/price value. Here are some examples of industries with which LAR has collaborated along the years.



  • Hydroelectricity
  • Material handling
  • Mines
  • Transport (steel bridge)
  • Primary manufacturing (Aluminium smelter)
  • Wood processing
  • Petrochemical
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Rail transportation
  • Lifting test