Consultants Procad

Consultant Procad is the management and engineering support of the Groupe LAR. Founded in 1988, Consultant Procad has, among other projects, participated in many of Quebec’s great hydroelectric projects thusly developing a hydroelectric mechanical equipment expertise.

The integrated approach of Groupe LAR can also be seen in Consultant Procad’s work. In considering all the fabrication and installation steps in the design phase, the designed product is more dynamic and satisfies more efficiently the client’s requirements.

Backed by a strong team of engineers, technicians, project managers and draftsmen, Consultant Procad has all the human and material resources that are needed to successfully complete the great engineering projects under its responsibility. Ingenuity, rigor, efficiency, critical opinion are only few of the attributes that can define the Consultant Procad’s team. From the project management to the engineering level or CAD drawings, various computer softwares allows us to find the best solution to the client’s problems. These softwares allow us, among other things, to study the impacts and the effectiveness of the studied designs, to visually and adequately demonstrate these designs to the clients and finally to closely manage all the resources needed in the design, fabrication and installation of the products fabricated by the Groupe LAR.

Located close to the LAR Métabetchouan factory, all the Consultant Procad personnel can directly assist in supervising in situ the critical steps of fabrication, assembly or manipulation of the fabricated products. In the same way, the factory personnel can consult with the Consultant Procad engineering team in order to easily and rapidly solve specific fabrication or installation queries.

As with all the Groupe LAR divisions, Consultant Procad respects the ISO-9001-2008 specification which is certified by the Management Certification of North America (MCNA).

Consultant Procad doesn’t hesitate to push design boundaries in its approach to various engineering problems and it does so while keeping in mind the integrated approach of the Groupe LAR.

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