LAR Métabetchouan

The Métabetchouan division is the soul of the Groupe LAR. Located neighboring the Lac Saint-Jean, it is here that our great engineering accomplishment are materialized. Specialized in the fabrication of hydroelectric equipment, the LAR team has developed an expertise in the design, fabrication and the installation of highly precise oversized welded parts.

With bridge cranes ranging from 10 to 40tons, 10 machining tools and a paint shop of 800m² (8600ft²), no project is too big for our team. Thankfully to this specialized equipment, the Groupe LAR is able to directly control all the fabrication and installation steps of these accomplishments. This obvious advantage allows us to master all the productions steps. This benefits our capacity to react rapidly in allowing us satisfy the client demands and the ever-changing market.

In business for more than 70 years, Groupe LAR has stayed a leader in the domain while adapting to the last decades changing markets. Since its debuts, LAR has developed in many Quebec regions in order to have a geographical edge in locally supplying hydroelectrical, mining et first transformation projects.

The shop works and supervisions are ascertained by experienced specialists that closely control their every step. At Groupe LAR, the design, the fabrication and the installation all respect the ISO-9001-2008 specification which is certified by the Management Certification of North America (MCNA)

With time, the Groupe LAR has advantageously positioned itself among the few Quebec and Canadian OEMs of international renown.

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